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How to Spend a Fun-Filled Weekend in Prague

How to Spend a Fun-Filled Weekend in Prague

Spending a weekend in Prague is the perfect value of time to get a taste of the municipality and all of its medieval churches and fairytale-like charm. The weightier thing well-nigh Prague is that it is small unbearable that you can see scrutinizingly all of the incredible sights over the undertow of a weekend, and you are not left feeling like you only saw a slice of the city.

Prague is the wanted of the Czech Republic and one of the most sought-after and cheapest travel destinations in Europe. It is characterized by its ornate buildings, historic architecture, prominent beer culture, and affordable prices. This makes Prague a unconfined municipality to visit for all types of travelers, whether your interests are in history and culture or simply drinking and having a good time!

It is easy to combine a weekend in Prague with a visit to Vienna or Budapest, which are both only a short train ride away.

The warm and welcoming undercurrent of Prague makes for the perfect weekend trip. So, if you want to spend a weekend in Prague trammels out everything you need to do, see, and eat during your stay!

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How To Spend a Weekend in Prague

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Weekend in Prague: Day 1

The first day during your weekend in Prague is for exploring everything in the Old Town and East of the Vltava River. This day is packed with historic and cultural significance and is the perfect way to start your adventures. Plus, day one is full of stunning sites and archetype things to do in Prague that will surely make you excited and eager for day two!

Admire the Old Town Square

Start the first day of your weekend in Prague at the historic and trappy Old Town Square. It is weightier to start your vita here unexceptionable and early considering as the day goes on it gets extremely busy. And I think that ruins the authenticity and eyeful of the whole area. The square is extremely large, and interestingly enough, it is the largest town square on the European continent! Therefore, you could spend quite a bit of time walking virtually and yearning its beauty.

Here you will see a ton of ornate buildings, the astronomical clock, and one of the main churches Prague is known for. The main denomination is a gothic Denomination known as ‘Church of Our Lady Before Tyn’, and is one of the most noteworthy sights within the Square. You will quickly see why Prague is one of the best gothic cities in Europe.

It is characterized by its woebegone gothic spires that reach upper in the air whilom the pastel-colored buildings. This denomination stands out like a sore thumb among the other buildings and its stark unrelatedness is alluring.

The Old Town Square in Prague is one of the grandest squares on the continent and its eyeful is scrutinizingly overwhelming! From every angle, you will find a sight to revere and a towers to gawk at. Spending some time here to revere and soak in its eyeful is a must! Also, be sure to bring your camera as you will want to capture a few photos.

Old town Square Prague

Check Out the Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock is one of the main attractions in Prague and it just so happens to be located in the Old Town Square. This is one of the main jewels of the municipality and it is a wonderful combination of engineering and art that dates when to medieval times. The clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world, and the oldest one still operating.

The clock’s fame and yank are due to its impressive and unique functions. The astronomical clock tells the time and stage and shows zodiac and astronomical information. In addition, the clock puts on a show every hour! Visitors are moreover welcome to climb to the top of the clock tower for some impressive views of the city.

Shop the Havelsky Market

The Havelsky Market is an open-air street market that sells souvenirs, fresh fruits, originative crafts and more! It dates when to 1232 and is still standing to this day. The prices here, like the rest of the city, are quite low and picking up fresh supplies or a souvenir is a unconfined idea.

Treat Yourself to a Chimney Confection Ice Surf

Chimney confection in Prague

Getting a chimney confection (also known as Trdelnik) ice surf was one of the things I was most excited to do while visiting Prague, and it did not disappoint! This is the most famous sweet treat that Prague is known for and is sold all virtually the city. It is thin strips of dough wrapped virtually a wooden stick so that it is worked into a hollowed-out cone. Then it is glazed with sugar and grilled over unshut coals.

You can eat just the dough, or you can segregate from the various combinations of ingredients to add to it. I chose to add caramel inside the cone and add icecream!

Explore the Streets

Prague street

During your weekend in Prague, it might be easy to get unprotected up in just going to all the main sights. As a result, you may miss out on seeing some less known areas of the city. That is why I think it is super important to take a unravel from seeing the main sights to explore the municipality freely and with no direction. This way you may stumble upon some unique areas with fewer people, a cute sideboard to get a zest to eat at, or anything else!

Have a Beer or Wine

One of the things Prague is most well known for is its drinking culture. The municipality is famous for its zillions of beer that is sometimes cheaper than water! If you drink, tasting some of the infamous beer is a must. Or, if you are like me and prefer wine, this is moreover an option!

If you are visiting in the colder seasons you can find warm mulled wine in various places which is succulent and is perfect for warming up in Prague fashion.

View Prague’s Jewish Museum

The Prague Jewish Museum is one of the most visited museums in the municipality and is unquestionably spread out over various venues. One ticket gives you wangle to the Old Jewish Cemetery, four synagogues, and a gallery. All of these sites requite you an insightful glimpse into the cities Jewish history.

Also in this area, is the well preserved Jewish Quarter that was kept in place considering Adolf Hilter wanted it as a museum of an ‘extinct race’. Visitors are welcome to walk through the streets of the significant zone which holds a strong historical meaning.

Enjoy Prague Nightlife

As mentioned, Prague is well known for its nightlife and people travel from virtually the world to wits it. Whether or not you are into nightlife, it is still an wits to be had as the scene is unmatched by any other.

The municipality boasts a wide range of clubs and bars, with so many that you are sure to find one that meets your night out desires. Some of the weightier in the municipality are as follows:

  • Karlovy Lazne – This is a club with 5 stories and a variegated type of music is played on each floor.
  • Cloud 9 – This is a increasingly high-end bar/lounge that has a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city.
  • Duplex – This is a famous club located in the part-way of the city, it is located on the top floor of a towers and offers unconfined views. There is a bar zone for increasingly nippy drinks and an upstairs club.
  • Terasa U Prince – This is a rooftop bar with the weightier location in the city. It is located right in the Old Town and offers the weightier panoramic views in Prague.

Weekend in Prague: Day 2

The second day during your weekend in Prague is for crossing the Vltava River and checking out all the sights and attractions over there. This way everything is in the same zone and you don’t have to travel far distances. Plus, depending on how fast/slow you explore and what you do, you may still have time to go when and trammels out plane increasingly of the Old Town!

Walk Wideness Charles Bridge

The Charles Underpass is flipside must-see when visiting Prague. It is a gothic-inspired underpass that crosses the Vltava River and is well-constructed with 30 splendrous statues erected for various saints and patrons of the time. The bridge’s construction began in 1357 and was well-constructed in the 15th century.

This underpass is extremely trappy and its gothic tracery is unique and worth looking at, however, I highly suggest you visit this underpass in the early morning. As the day goes on it gets extremely rented with tourists and vendors which really ruins the experience.

Head to the Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is one of the most trappy attractions in Prague to venture to. The castle was built in 880 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of eyeful and history. This castle covers 70,000 square meters and is the largest castle ramified in the world!

The castle is located on a hill wideness the Vltava River and overs stunning, panoramic views of all of Prague. The walk to the top covers quite a few stairs but is totally worth it, plus the archway is free. Increasingly so, the tracery of the castle and sites within it are ornate and veritably stunning. Spend some time walking the castle grounds and find all of the special treasures it holds.

View St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is an ornate, gothic structure located within the Prague castle. This cathedral was synthetic over a span of 600 years starting in 1135. It is one of the most important structures in Prague as a place of religious ceremonies and royal coronations.

The exterior of the cathedral is beautifully synthetic and is well-constructed with religious murals, ornate designs, and woebegone spires. Increasingly so, visitors are permitted to enter the denomination and explore its interior! Since St. Vitus Cathedral is located on the 70,000 square meters of land that makes up the Prague castle, viewing it and inward it is very accessible.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all there is to explore on the castle grounds I suggest you take a guided tour. This will show you all you need to see and provide you with rich and insightful information.

Enjoy a Drink with a View

The weightier thing to do in the Prague castle is to revere the views of the municipality from the top of the bank. There are various places to view the municipality from, but the weightier way to enjoy the views is with a nice drink and snacks. Luckily, there is a restaurant called Villa Richter, which is located inside the winery on the castle grounds. The restaurant offers the most stunning panoramic views of Prague and serves succulent food.

The outdoor terrace has the weightier views and the whole undercurrent is vastitude enchanting. This is the perfect place to enjoy a local wine made from the winery, and some small bites! Also, despite the exquisite location, the prices here are pretty reasonable.

This restaurant is the weightier place to sit at in the whole city. As the views, food, and undercurrent are unmatched. If you do one thing in Prague it should be stopping here without exploring the castle.

Wander Through Malá Strana

Mala Strana is the picturesque cobblestone zone that makes up the wiring of the Prague castle. This zone is full of narrow streets, pastel-colored houses, and a ton of restaurants and pubs. It is the perfect zone to explore without walking lanugo from the castle for some wifely and pure explorations. The weightier part well-nigh this zone in Prague is that it is less rented than the Old Town area. Therefore, exploring feels less like walking in a prod and increasingly independent.

There is no shortage of things to do in Mala Strana from the Lennon Wall to Sideboard Savoy and beyond. However, it is most enjoyable to simply walk virtually the quaint streets and revere the eyeful that is Prague.

View The John Lennon Wall

John Lennon wall in Prague

The John Lennon Wall is a prestigious piece of Prague culture that has been attracting visitors since the ’80s. The wall is full of unique artwork, inspirational messages, and of course, John Lennon’s face. People are welcome to add their own touch to it, as a result, the wall is constantly waffly and evolving.

However, the wall is not what I initially expected. It is a lot smaller than you’d think and is pretty nonflexible to find – so be sure to use google maps to this location.

Additional Information on Prague

Market street in Prague

When to visit Prague

The weightier thing well-nigh Prague as a travel destination is that it is unconfined to visit all year long. There is no bad time to visit the city, and each season comes with its own special things to do and see.

Of course, the summer has warmer weather, but this comes with increasingly tourists. While the winter has potation temperatures and fewer tourists. If you don’t mind potation temperatures I would suggest heading to Prague in the shoulder seasons of April – May, and September -October.

Where to stay in Prague

The most important thing while choosing walk-up with just one weekend in Prague is the location. You want to be in the municipality so exploring and getting virtually is easier and convenient. Therefore, the weightier places to stay in Prague with the weightier locations and within three upkeep ranges are as follows:




Evidently, a weekend in Prague will show you a ton of the city’s beauty, recreate and enchantment. You will without a doubt fall in love with the welcoming undercurrent of the municipality and the zillions of culture it holds. If you are contemplating planning a visit to Prague, I highly suggest you do it. There are few cities as trappy as Prague.

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